A Tale of Three Cafés

Three new cafés in three months. Are things beginning to change? Will they be a success? Will there be more? Here is a quick round up and first impressions


sugahill_01Sugahill is now open 7am to 7pm on Kirkdale next to Floorzone in the premises formerly occupied by Zuckers. There is much more room. 20 to 30 seats inside in a smart new arrangements on a floor provided by their neighbours. Prices start at 95p for tea and £1.25 for coffee so it is a little more economical than Blue Mountain and a great alternative if you find the BM full as it is only 100 yards away. Its also handy for the bus stops and people needing refreshment after a heavy session at LA Fitness.


blue_mountain_01The pace setter for the new Sydenham. The BM’s deliberately stylish concotion of yellow and blue appears to have attracted a group of Sydenhamites not seen beyond the Dolphin. Getting a seat has been a major problem, There are only 20 inside and its getting a bit cool to enjoy the tables outside with their panaromic views of our wobbly roundabout and the deserted Greyhound. Hours are 7.30am to 7pm but are being adjusted to reflect the pattern of demand.

Do not go to BM if you you value your waistline but not your ability to resist their decilious delicatessen. And you can buy more to take home. Flowers & wine too.



The Premier Snack Bar occupies the former ‘Man of Kent’ on the corner of Sydenham Road and Hazel Grove. A mixture of european and Jamaican foods complement a wide range of specialist coffees and teas.

There is plenty of space inside with free Wifi. At the moment much of the trade is at lunchtime particulary from the surrounding business premises.

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