Border Road

Border Road, London SE26
Photograph 1
The border between the London Boroughs of Lewisham and Bromley. One inner London, the other outer London. Sydenham is both and Border Road lies at the centre of the Lawrie Park area.
Border Road, London SE26
Photograph 2
Urban Lewisham to the left, leafy Bromley to the right. The characteristic post & chains protect the green verge from traffic. In the distance on the right you can see the turning right into Lawrie Park Crescent.
Border Road, London SE26Photograph 3
Border Road has a mixture of housing. Behind the trees is an ernormous three storey Victorian semi-detached. In the centre you can see a double fronted ‘between the wars’ detached house. Going off to the right is a block of 1960s flat roofed terraced houses. Rolf Harris lived in two of these terraced houses with the Coach House at the bottom of the garden which served as a studio. Subsequently the Coach House became part of 56 Lawrie Park Gardens and was used as a Music Library by the operatic impressario who lived there for many years.
Border Road, London SE26
Photograph 4
Did Rolf Harris plant this Eucalyptus tree to remind him of Australia? It is right opposite his old house on the Bromley side of the road.
Border Road, London SE26
Photograph 5
You can see the Eucalyptus tree (above) to the right in this photograph. Neat gardens, posts & chains…

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