Crystal Palace Sports Centre to be Decimated?


The Mayor of London has launched a consultation which will remove major parts of the sports complex. The Mayor plans to, instead impose a controversial two form free school on the site. The school plans to open within the year! All this for the benefit of the local community

Except living only a few hundred yards away and a frequent user of the sports facilities I have not been informed of the consultation. I only found out by accident. There are consultation important metings being held at the NSC this week:

  • 5 pm – 9pm, on Thursday 16th October
  • 9.30am – 5pm, on Saturday 18th October

Oh, be quick, very quick – the consultation closes within the month!

Except it can’t be consultation if people don’t know and hence have the chance to comment. The proposals don’t seem to have been put together with the local community. Is this a case of a faraway two timing Mayor imposing his vision on us – whether we like it or not?

This is not unconnected with the ZRG plan for a new ‘Palace’. It is a direct result of the Mayor deciding to run down the NSC in favour of Stratford. The dream that was sold of that event re-invigorating sport in this country is leading to a slow painful death of what was the finest sporting complex in the UK.

Is this overly critical? Decide for yourself. Read the Mayor’s proposals here:

And comment here:

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