Daniel Morgan – Next Move



Private Investigator Daniel Morgan was brutally murdered in the Golden Lion car park 18 years ago. His family from Wales came to mark the occasion – an event we reported .

Daniel’s mother and brother are once again in London to meet the Chairman of the Metropolitan Police Authority, Len Duvall, on Thursday 19th May to raise concerns over a refusal by Hazel Blears to order a public inquiry into police’s handling of the case. The family’s MPs Roger Williams and Emily Thornbury will also attend the meeting together with Jim Dowd, our constituency MP.

The murder of Daniel Morgan has been the subject of four police investigations, the latest ending in 2003. Allegations of Met police involvement in the murder were made at an inquest in 1988. These remain unresolved. The family say these allegations are supported by all of the available evidence. Last year, 83 members of parliament signed an Early Day Motion calling for a public inquiry into the case. The family say Daniel was murdered because he intended blowing the whistle on police corruption.

Since the last inquiry, the family have forced disclosure through the High Court of two police reports on the murder, one by Hampshire police and one by the Met.

“It’s now clear to us that the first two inquiries were appallingly negligent and thoroughly dishonest” says Daniel’s brother, Alastair. Police conducting the last inquiry told us they were convinced that a named officer was centrally involved in the murder, but that the evidential opportunities lost in that inquiry were irreparable. We now know that the Coroner’s inquest was seriously misled, that vital information was withheld from the Police Complaints Authority, that the Home Secretary Jack Straw was misled in 1998 by senior Met officers and that parliament itself was misled in 2004.

Minister Caroline Flint told the Commons that the Met had assured her the initial inquiry was “up to the standards of the time”.

“A judicial inquiry is the only organ suitable for dealing with this appalling mess. We have no confidence whatever in Hazel Blears’ judgement. Home Office conduct throughout this case has been lamentable. Hazel Blears is a danger to police probity and all of the institutions designed to safeguard this”. says brother Alastair Morgan.

The family have already begun judicial review proceedings against the Home Secretary and will be seeking public support from the MPA before the case comes to the High Court.

COMMENT: This case has cast a shadow over the people responsible for policing our area. The reluctance to openly and transparently review the case only increases suspicion and doubt. With the increasing powers being given to the police it is essential they do all they can to ensure they should be trusted. This is an important issue of confidence for the people of Sydenham as well as justice for the family.



Alastair Morgan reported the meeting went well. He was particulary pleased that all three MPs had taken time to come and support the family at the meeting. Two TV news teams and a radio team also covered the event.

jim_dowd_01Jim Dowd reports:

“Len Duvall undertook to look into the details and see what powers he has and come back in a couple of weeks or so and possibly reconvene the meeting. I am hopeful he will, on behalf of the Metropolitan Police Authority support our call for Judicial Review. This, of course, a decision only the Home Office can take.”

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