Elbow Out Ebola

Elbow Out Ebola

Club Zanzibar is in the good news for a change. On 5th December it will be hosting an important, possibly vital, conference on supporting the victims of Ebola. Its bringing some heavyweights to Sydenham including the High Commissioners of:

  • Sierra Leone
  • Liberia
  • Guinea
  • Nigeria

The conference will be opened by our Mayor, Steve Bullock. You are cordially invited to attend. FREE TICKETS for the all day event beginning at 9am are available here:

The event will focus on urging the Governments of UK and Europe to help establish permanent health and transport infrastructure in West Africa. You can hear from experts all about the actual situation on the ground. Also in attendance will be local West African projects working on the front line, seeking your support.

The ELBOW OUT EBOLA website is here: http://www.elbowoutebola.com/

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