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by LivesNearby
27 Sep 2013 10:01
Forum: Town Hall
Topic: Spiders
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Re: Spiders

Annie wrote:Conkers on the window cill seems to work well
Aaah! That old chestnut...
by LivesNearby
16 Jul 2013 08:00
Forum: Town Hall
Topic: Why is there a lot of new graffiti on Sydenham High Street?
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Re: Why is there a lot of new graffiti on Sydenham High Stre

Why would Art4 want to move to East Dulwich? They're got pictures of stck men all over their buildings ;)

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by LivesNearby
11 Apr 2013 13:06
Forum: Town Hall
Topic: Sydenham gets its new community centre
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Re: Sydenham gets its new community centre

According to this article The keys have been handed over, but it's not due to open until June.
by LivesNearby
20 Feb 2013 14:03
Forum: Town Hall
Topic: Council rules and cafes
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Re: Council rules and cafes

This document by TfL provides some useful guidance as to minimum widths (2m), which means that most of Forest Hill and Sydenham's pavements are too narrow for tables and chairs. However, the majority of those that have tables outside in Forest Hill are using their Frontage zone (which they own and ...
by LivesNearby
30 Jan 2013 13:50
Forum: Town Hall
Topic: 20mph zone proposed for 'Thorpes' area of Sydenham
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Re: 20mph zone proposed for 'Thorpes' area of Sydenham

My reading is that 20 MPH zones are self enforcing, with traffic calming measures. 20 MPH limits require repeaters every so often. Also of note is that the police rarely monitor speeds in 20 MPH Zones or limits. I suspect that the funding available is insufficient to put speed humps in on each of th...
by LivesNearby
29 Jul 2012 08:24
Forum: Town Hall
Topic: Support your local French bakery!
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Re: Support your local French bakery!

They were open yesterday and were planning on opening today too, so you should bi in luck JulietP
by LivesNearby
13 Jul 2012 00:16
Forum: Town Hall
Topic: Police stations closing
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Re: Police stations closing

The main issue I have with closing of local police stations is that the SNT officers will now have to be based in Catford. This means that they will spend part of their shift travelling from Catford to our area and back again, which will mean less time policing. I would also expect that other Police...
by LivesNearby
7 Mar 2012 15:57
Forum: Town Hall
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Many London Overground passengers will be affected this week with engineering works affecting five out of the six London Overground lines. Barking - Gospel Oak trains replaced by buses throughout. No North London Line trains until 10:15 and then only between Stratford and Willesden Junction. Buses f...
by LivesNearby
17 Feb 2012 09:32
Forum: Town Hall
Topic: No Sydenham Music Festival this year
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No Sydenham International Music Festival this year

NewsShopper is reporting the demise of the music festival A SLASH in funding means a popular classical music festival which has been running for 13 years will not go ahead this summer. Around £6,000 has been cut off the Sydenham International Festival’s grant from Lewisham Council – 38 per cent of ...
by LivesNearby
23 Oct 2011 21:11
Forum: Town Hall
Topic: Sydenham Library - Pass or Fail?
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Sydenham Library - Pass or Fail?

There is an interesting thread over at Brockley Central on the success or failure of the transition of Crofton Park library to Eco Computer Systems.

What has your experience been at Sydenham?
by LivesNearby
12 Aug 2011 15:18
Forum: Town Hall
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Seems like MrC was shooting from the hip. A quick Google turns up LPS1175 as the standard for "intruder resistant building components". Even Category 8 can only withstand 20 minutes of assault (from an, admittedly, impressive array of weaponry). However, the best shutters on the market only attain a...
by LivesNearby
21 Jun 2011 10:33
Forum: Town Asylum
Topic: better than STF?
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Re: better than STF?

The codes required for formatting are known as bbcode. A full list can be found at
by LivesNearby
18 Feb 2011 15:04
Forum: Town Hall
Topic: Samuel Guidera murder - arrest made
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Re: Samuel Guidera murder - arrest made

They have made another arrest according to NewsShopper "Police particularly want to hear from people who got off the train at the same time as Samuel. "Were you on the 21:25hrs Victoria to Orpington train? “The train arrived at Penge East station at 21:41hrs when Samuel Guidera got off the train. “D...
by LivesNearby
27 Jan 2011 13:10
Forum: Town Museum & Gallery
Topic: Beachgrove, 111 Sydenham Hill
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Re: Beachgrove, 111 Sydenham Hill

Mentioned in the Grauniad the other day in connection with the King's Speech
by LivesNearby
17 Jan 2011 16:05
Forum: Town Hall
Topic: ELL service to Highbury and Islington starts next month
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Re: ELL service to Highbury and Islington starts next month

Don't forget that the Jubilee Line upgrade is also due to be delivered this Spring (17 months late), so journey times (and capacity) should be improved there too.
by LivesNearby
7 Jan 2011 11:14
Forum: Town Cafe
Topic: Missing a nice bakery?
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Re: Missing a nice bakery?

If you care to toddle along Dartmouth Road to Forest Hill, The Teapot (on London Road) does great artisan breads
by LivesNearby
7 Jan 2011 01:07
Forum: Town Cafe
Topic: Rolling Stones in Sydenham
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Rolling Stones in Sydenham

According to this article, "in the early Sixties, a BBC producer developed a pop music showcase for Rolf to present and the pilot they made together featured the then unknown Rolling Stones, playing in a little church in Sydenham."

Which church? Anyone know?
by LivesNearby
7 Jan 2011 00:49
Forum: Town Hall
Topic: The Old Snooker Hall
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Re: The Old Snooker Hall

Now if you can replicate these pizzas I'll be there like a shot :)
by LivesNearby
2 Nov 2010 11:56
Forum: Town Hall
Topic: Road *!@!! works!
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Re: Road *!@!! works!

Looks like there must be a worldwide curse on Sydenham...
by LivesNearby
6 Aug 2010 14:19
Forum: Town Hall
Topic: Crystal Palace Park
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Re: Crystal Palace Park

Thank you for clearing that one up. Having just found out how easy it is to get to the NSC, I was worried that we would be without a local pool until Forest Hill's is completed.