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by Mattyroon
15 May 2019 09:36
Forum: Town Hall
Topic: Moving to Sydenham
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Re: Moving to Sydenham

We also live very close to Hazel Grove, just off Mayow Road and virtually backing on to it, and noise has never been a problem for us. We have never felt unsafe in the area and love being near Mayow Park! The average journey time from Sydenham to London Bridge is 17 mins so even if it was 60% faster...
by Mattyroon
9 Feb 2018 13:58
Forum: Town Hall
Topic: Beware of burglars
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Re: Beware of burglars

We live on lockwood close and usually just chain the front door at night. This morning the door was open but with the chain still intact. I Couldn’t see any other signs of forced entry but based on this trail I suspect someone’s had a go. Obviously will be locking it properly from now!
by Mattyroon
9 Jan 2018 22:49
Forum: Town Hall
Topic: Poodle club
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Re: Poodle club

Well said Columbus. Why people need to drag up the past with perceived grievances rather than celebrate a rare new business in sydenham is rather sad. I’m dreaming of the night I start off with a cheeky Nando’s, a pint at the greyhound then off for some comedy at the poodle club! Only if the fun pol...
by Mattyroon
3 Jun 2017 13:34
Forum: Town Hall
Topic: sydenham needs an uplifting
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Re: sydenham needs an uplifting

"No issues with the jumble trail idea per se, but if you get a single participant on the local estates I'd be very surprised." That wasn't the case with the Penge jumble trail - there was a massive number of participants of all backgrounds. Lots of blocks of flats taking part using commun...