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by SydenhamRes
23 Sep 2018 15:54
Forum: Town Stadium
Topic: 11 a side Football Clubs
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11 a side Football Clubs

I’m looking to play competitive 11-a-side football either on a Saturday or Sunday.

I haven’t played properly for 10 years now so keen to pick it back up at a low standard initially.

Does anyone know of any good local clubs?
by SydenhamRes
6 Jan 2018 10:00
Forum: Town Hall
Topic: Car Wing Mirror Theft
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Car Wing Mirror Theft

Hi all, Has anyone else had their wing mirror stolen? I’ve been parking on Newlands Park for 2 years now and woke up on Friday morning to find that someone stole both my wing mirrors! From looking online, I gather the wing mirrors on my car are quite expensive and it seem others across the country h...