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by Razgriz_101
28 Jan 2019 18:50
Forum: Town Hall
Topic: Sydenham under a new flight path?
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Re: Sydenham under a new flight path?

There's a French expression that, sadly, describes protesting against such projects perfectly: "pisser dans un violon", or "to pee in a violin". It means that you're doing something difficult without the slightest chance to bring any form of result but your own exhaustion :lol: These companies have ...
by Razgriz_101
28 Jan 2019 18:27
Forum: Town Cafe
Topic: Don't order pizzas from Papa John's
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Re: Don't order pizzas from Papa John's

Yeah, that's an issue: since the restaurants are franchises, there are huge quality differences between different outlets of the same brand. I've been lucky to live a couple years near a great Papa John's, which I almost never visited for the first 2 years as the one next to where I lived before was...
by Razgriz_101
28 Jan 2019 17:52
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Topic: Accident in Forest Hill
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Re: Accident in Forest Hill

Were there any collision marks on the car? It might have been pushed, or have drifted in this position before being left as is.
And thanks for the tip about the gofundme link, I'll see what I can send their way!
by Razgriz_101
28 Jan 2019 16:15
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Topic: Book Share for Sydenham?
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Re: Book Share for Sydenham?

I've lived in France for a couple years and rarely ran into one of these; but then, I was in one of the poorest parts of the country, where people have don't have the financial means (and, unfortunately, the education) one would need to find appealing the idea of a book sharing box. But then, that i...