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25 Apr 2019 14:32
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Topic: Knighton Park Road
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Re: Knighton Park Road

So far I can't think of a time that there HASN'T been a space (or more than one) directly outside our house.
We don't have a car so it's free for the taking! Go wild. No parking problem on KPR.
21 Feb 2019 12:44
Forum: Town Hall
Topic: Burglary - Knighton Park Rd
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Burglary - Knighton Park Rd

Hi all, New to the area and have just moved to Knighton Park Rd. Yesterday our neighbour had a break in through a ground floor window at the back of the house (thief had maybe come over the side gate) and various items were stolen. It looks like her movements were being watched so just a word of war...