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by mburdett555
26 Jan 2020 17:59
Forum: Town Asylum
Topic: Windows 7 EOL next week
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Re: Windows 7 EOL next week

My mother's laptop doesn't even support windows 10, it's so cheap. Upgraded my old windows 7 one when windows 10 came out but regretted it, it just became so slow I ended up installing Zorin OS, that was reasonably quicker. Few weeks ago in black Friday sale j bought a nice cheap laptop about £200 b...
by mburdett555
1 Jan 2020 11:45
Forum: Town Cafe
Topic: Really tasty, nutritious, filling lunch!
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Re: Really tasty, nutritious, filling lunch!

Nice and close to the station too
. Will check it out. Kind regards
by mburdett555
19 Dec 2019 16:19
Forum: Town Asylum
Topic: Trainspottin'
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Re: Trainspottin'

Depending on what you're trying to spot, be it passenger or non passenger workings, I tend to use Rail Record which allows you to check for trains at your local station in great detail. The only problem with it is that doesn't show "fast" and non passenger trains for all passing points, so sydenham ...