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by Highfield
3 Jul 2015 17:12
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Topic: 19 Miall Road Sydenham
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Re: 19 Miall Road Sydenham

This photograph was taken from the breakfast room at 19 Miall Road where I lived for part of my childhood around 1971. I'm straddling a part of the neighbours portlandia albiflora covered fence at 17, to the left. The houses in the background would therefore be those in Holmshaw Rd and where the sam...
by Highfield
3 Oct 2011 17:05
Forum: Town Museum & Gallery
Topic: Sydenham's Children's Hospital
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Re: Sydenham's Children's Hospital

I stayed in this hospital sometime around 1972 or 1973. I was 4 or 5 years old when I contracted conjunctivitis and was therefore quarantined in a room for about a week. Even though my parents and sister came to see me every day and that I lived only a stone's throw away at 19, Maill Rd, I felt mile...
by Highfield
3 Oct 2011 16:51
Forum: Town Museum & Gallery
Topic: Shops in Lower Sydenham
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Re: Shops in Lower Sydenham

The toy shop in Bell Green I remember as Toyland. It was there that my mother used to buy me the odd Dinky car if I'd been good especially after seeing the (gentle and wonderfully named) Dr. Angel who had surgery in a nearby shop toward the Children's Hospital.
by Highfield
22 Aug 2008 23:42
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Topic: Sydenham Common related address - What happened to it?
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Could it be 2 Old Drive, Sydenham Common? Perhaps that exists or existed at one point. Here's an image map of Sydenham Common:- ... 7666462850