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by Fairlawnresident
7 Feb 2013 08:20
Forum: Town Hall
Topic: Lemon Tree
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Lemon Tree

My friends and I had a fantastic meal at the Lemon Tree. The food was superb and the service excellent. The manager seems really determined to provide something different and of quality for Sydenham.

Let's not lose this even made Gurkha food look ordinary
by Fairlawnresident
15 Oct 2012 14:53
Forum: Town Cafe
Topic: New to Sydenham - street questions
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Re: New to Sydenham - street questions

Dear Laura We have lived in Fairlawn Park for 10 years and like Lee and Chris have nothing other than positive things to report. The layout out the street means traffic is far from constant and the houses are spacious and well built. We brought our daughter up from a toddler here and she went to the...
by Fairlawnresident
29 Mar 2011 13:49
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Topic: Old Prince Alfred ?
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Re: Old Prince Alfred ?

Any news on when it going to re-open?
by Fairlawnresident
29 Jun 2010 19:50
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Topic: What's akin with The Dolphin?
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The Dolphin is a breath of fresh air in Sydenham and despite the prices, a civilised retreat. I am on Michael's email list but could not be more disappointed with his comments. Shell was making a valid and very gently expressed point - the criticism was constructive and Michael's response is at the ...
by Fairlawnresident
27 Jun 2010 16:29
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Topic: Three-Course Comedy at Trattoria Raffaele
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No-ones forcing you to go mosy

I am sure the chicken shops will do a bag of vegetarian chips - probably a special price for all the knobheads
by Fairlawnresident
10 May 2010 18:54
Forum: Town Hall
Topic: Sydenham Park: 16 year old boy stabbed to death (UPDATED)
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Of course a tragedy for the family and community Hopefully the friends of the boy will not succumb to the same fate and may think about the intimidation that goes on in the local area due to the presence of them and their uncontrolled dogs Home Park is a no go zone for young children and families at...
by Fairlawnresident
25 Apr 2009 16:12
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Topic: Windmill Pub, Kirkdale
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My feeling is that this is the second worst pub in Sydenham/Forest Hill (after the other Wetherspoons in FH). It is a badly lit, dirty and soul less huge space hoping to "pack them in" with cheap prices and mass produced rubbish food. It's this type of approach which has put proper pubs li...
by Fairlawnresident
24 Dec 2008 14:59
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Topic: New Pizza Restaurant
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Excellent food

As a regular of Lorenzo's in Crystal Palace I have to defend the quality of food at the Trattoria. My wife, daughter and I went for the first time last night and the food was stunning. Pizzas were both at least as good as Lorenzos which my 10 year old daughter is obsessed with. Service was welcoming...