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by Chiny
21 Oct 2020 15:19
Forum: Town Hall
Topic: Freeview reception problems?
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Re: Freeview reception problems?

No transmitter issues at the time of this post: Hmm, 200,000 watts of TV power these days; I guess that is a big drop from the old analogue 405 line days. My mother claimed until her dying day that one day (early 60s) she was quietly ironing, listenin...
by Chiny
28 Oct 2015 15:17
Forum: Town Museum & Gallery
Topic: Waynes of Newlands Park
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Re: Waynes of Newlands Park

I recognise the company name but not the location. Fortunately these wise folk know:

There are a few other photos out there in web land, including one where Wayne's put themselves in SE20 (darkest Penge) which seems understandable.
by Chiny
27 May 2012 12:05
Forum: Town Museum & Gallery
Topic: Cobbs Department Store
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Re: Cobbs Department Store

I used to live In Sydenham in the 50s & 60s and well remember Cobbs dept store, especially that wacky "vacuum tube" system for money/receipts. Just been speaking to my mother about the place and she recalls it being "well out of date" in the 60s. She also mentioned that my gr...
by Chiny
30 May 2011 11:36
Forum: Town Museum & Gallery
Topic: Newlands Park shops
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Re: Newlands Park shops

Good grief... I remember these shops from the late 50s and through the 60s, although I have not been down Newlands Park since the mid-70s. I certainly remember the sweet shop, in the style of just about every sweet shop of the era and in many, many areas. Photos no, far too expensive in those days t...