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by Janeco
6 Mar 2014 08:20
Forum: Wanted
Topic: Recommended electrician?
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Re: Recommended electrician?

Can highly recommend Zac Campbell:
T: 07958933318

We have used him on various occasions and he is very good and fully qualified and registered. Feel free to say recommendation is from me.
Jane Cornelius
by Janeco
26 Feb 2014 10:16
Forum: Town Hall
Topic: Free loft insulation - Mark Group
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Re: Free loft insulation - Mark Group

They called on us last year and, while sceptical re cold callers, decided to proceed with them as they promised much deeper insulation in the loft at no cost to us. It was done without fuss and, as far as I can determine, correctly. A recent survey, including our loft, expressed concern about the bo...
by Janeco
8 Oct 2013 18:54
Forum: Town Cafe
Topic: Plea to Cyclists
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Plea to Cyclists

I was harangued this evening by a cyclist who banged on my car window saying hadn't I seen him and I that I had almost run him over. This was emerging from Sainsbury's Bell Green opposite the new flats after dark. Indeed I had not seen him and I pointed out to him that there was no light on his bike...
by Janeco
10 Jun 2013 11:57
Forum: Town Hall
Topic: Gone - La Bonne? (Bakery)
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Re: Gone - La Bonne? (Bakery)

A bit further away but the French patisserie in Ladywell (corner across from station) is excellent. Very good bread and we had a birthday cake to die for this weekend. Haven't tried the patisserie on Perry Vale near the old fire station but might be worth checking out. La Bonne Bakery we find still ...
by Janeco
30 Apr 2013 11:52
Forum: Town Cafe
Topic: Looking for a good kitchen fitter and builder etc
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Re: Looking for a good kitchen fitter and builder etc

We have just used two Lithuanian guys to fit a new kitchen and they were excellent. Great attention to detail. They worked long hours and were absolutely reliable. They said they also do other work, extensions, tiling etc and possibly electrics. If you are interested, please PM me. I have their busi...
by Janeco
14 Feb 2013 13:26
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Topic: 5 year anniversary
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Re: 5 year anniversary

Apologies for throwing in my rather long list: New Eltham (till age 22) / Tangier / New Eltham / Paris / Moraira (Costa Blanca) / Geneva / Brussels / Houston / New Eltham / Washington DC / New Eltham / Bédar (Almeria) - Juliet where were you in Almeria? / New Eltham / Brockley (Tyrwhitt Road) / Fore...
by Janeco
14 Aug 2012 12:24
Forum: Town Cafe
Topic: Fave films thread
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Re: Fave films thread

I haven't seen any mention of some of my favourites but gosh there are so many once you start thinking: Field of Dreams Dances with Wolves The Graduate Kes Un Homme et une Femme My Night with Maud Les Vacances de M. Hulot Once upon a Time in America Annie Hall Manhattan The Godfather, I, II, III Hea...
by Janeco
26 Apr 2012 12:26
Forum: Town Hall
Topic: Problems with phone lines and broadband Upper Sydenham
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Re: Problems with phone lines and broadband Upper Sydenham

We are on Round Hill - phone and internet been out since Tuesday. Told then it would be fixed by today. Problem at the exchange apparently - also told problem is quite widespread.
by Janeco
29 Mar 2012 12:00
Forum: Town Hall
Topic: Casandara Shop will soon change to Sue Ryder Charity Shop
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Re: Casandara Shop will soon change to Sue Ryder Charity Sho

Sorry if this is slightly off topic but, with the proliferation of charity shops in the area, I wish some of them would consider also offering to sell goods for people on a 50/50 or 40/60 basis. My mother ran a charity shop in Woolwich many years ago and, as well as accepting donations, also sold go...
by Janeco
26 Mar 2012 12:01
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Topic: Support your local French bakery!
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Re: Support your local French bakery!

We love the fruit tarts and the bread is very good. Tend to agree that croissants and pains au chocolat are on the large side but, as I don't eat either, don't have a view. My son enjoys them as well as the cookies. The shop always seems busy on Saturday and Sunday mornings and I have even seen queu...
by Janeco
24 Jan 2012 13:28
Forum: Town Hall
Topic: Proposed closure of Sydenham police station
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Re: Proposed closure of Sydenham police station

I am not sure that it is relevant to the closure of the local police station, but when my son was mugged recently (punched to the ground and phone and wallet stolen) the police were at our house in under 5 minutes. They were excellent - took him round in an unmarked car and there was good follow up ...
by Janeco
13 Dec 2011 13:15
Forum: Town Cafe
Topic: Can you recommend a laundry collection service?
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Re: Can you recommend a laundry collection service?

Yes the dry cleaners are very good and we use them regularly. Can also recommend the laundrette just a few doors down from thee. You can give them your stuff for a service wash. It won't be ironed but it will be dried and folded. My dryer on the blink so have been glad of this service of late.
by Janeco
21 Oct 2011 17:46
Forum: Town Cafe
Topic: Recommendation for washing machine or oven repair
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Re: Recommendation for washing machine or oven repair

I suggest Dave for the washing machine - 020 691 7867.
Been using him for repair of domestic appliances for years but not sure if he does ovens.
by Janeco
21 Jun 2011 12:07
Forum: Town Hall
Topic: WHAT IF no15: House of Linens
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Re: WHAT IF no15: House of Linens

Really sorry to hear it is closing down. We dashed in on Saturday just before closing time as we had been unable to buy super king size fitted sheet in Sainsbury's and were immediately served with exactly what we wanted in a choice of colours. The shop was heaving so hope they find another site. Hav...
by Janeco
20 Apr 2011 12:05
Forum: Town Hall
Topic: Vote For Kirkdale Village Logo
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Re: Vote For Kirkdale Village Logo

By asking people to go on Facebook you already lose a lot of potential interest. Surely there are a lot of us out there who have zero interest in joining Facebook!
by Janeco
31 Mar 2010 11:57
Forum: Town Hall
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My husband was close by when this happened. He heard and saw the lady screaming, running down Dartmouth Road and asking someone to stop the car outside the library. It was already stationary and the driver had gone. The child was safe in the back seat. Another passer by assisted the lady and phoned ...
by Janeco
16 Mar 2010 12:50
Forum: Town Cafe
Topic: El Ruedo- Tapas-tastic!!
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We went on Friday night as well and not very busy - though they had a big crowd of kids upstairs. Service very nice and overall very good value for money but the food was rather typical British "tapas". The paella was more like a risotto and short on saffron. Hard to get it just right here...
by Janeco
11 Jan 2010 13:07
Forum: Town Hall
Topic: Hot water
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I have notice that water and radiators not as hot so suspect gas pressure has been reduced, but it has not gone off altogether. Hope it's back on now.
by Janeco
17 Sep 2009 13:21
Forum: Town Hall
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Curtain shop is very handy too.
by Janeco
30 Jun 2009 12:01
Forum: Town Cafe
Topic: New shop on Kirkdale
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Re: new shop

As we have lost Provender it would be really nice to have a deli/cafe type place. Good bread would be nice and perhaps also selling good/interesting kitchen stuff à la Habitat. There's a range at Sainsbury's but I was thinking more along the lines of the kitchen shop in Blackheath. Interesting gifts...