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by oddjob
3 Jul 2013 08:24
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Topic: find old friend
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find old friend

Lost touch with an old friend - Nigel Hurst.

Would be about 56 or 57, used to attend St Michael's School in Champion Road around 1961.

Last sighting was at Penge Station a few years ago.

Can't find him on Facebook etc.

Would be most grateful for any help to make contact.

Much appreciated.
by oddjob
1 Jul 2013 08:30
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Topic: Sydenham's Children's Hospital
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Re: Sydenham's Children's Hospital

Thank you everyone. It's been great reading this thread. So many memories. OK. I'll add my bit. From about 1956 to 1962 I lived with my parents and two bothers on the top floor flat, directly opposite the hospital, 1D Champion Road. We were quite high up, in those times, with uninterrupted views of ...