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by Andrew
30 Jan 2013 13:16
Forum: Town Hall
Topic: Support your local French bakery!
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Re: Support your local French bakery!

Does anyone know what is happening with the bakery? It's been closed since Christmas, with the windows covered over. There is a hand written notice on the door saying that it's closed for refurbishment and they'll be back soon. No sign of anything happening, however. I fear the worst !
by Andrew
9 Mar 2012 14:11
Forum: Town Cafe
Topic: Wrought Iron gates
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Re: Wrought Iron gates

Hi Maria, A couple of years ago we had a great gate and fence made by Jonathan Rowlandson who is based at Crystal Palace. He did everything - measuring, designing, making, and fitting. Cost wasn't cheap, but certainly reasonable, and we have a unique piece of work. I think his website is jonathanrow...
by Andrew
20 May 2011 11:01
Forum: Town Hall
Topic: Thinking of moving to Halifax Street but worried about crime
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Re: Thinking of moving to Halifax Street but worried about c

We have lived in Halifax Street for the past seven years, and love it. In that time I've been aware of a couple of opportunist burglaries in the street, and the odd key down a car, but that could happen anywhere. I certainly don't think crime is any worse there than in London as a whole and it alway...
by Andrew
15 Aug 2007 16:00
Forum: Town Hall
Topic: The Greyhound to Close!
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There's going to be an item about pub closures on The One Show tonight on BBC1 at 7pm.

Also an interesting article on BBC website at .

Note the paragraph about planning permission and "viability test".
by Andrew
1 Aug 2007 13:20
Forum: Town Cafe
Topic: Fox & Hounds
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Fox & Hounds

Without wishing to open up a discussion on the scale of The Dolphin or The Greyhound, does anyone know what's happening at The Fox & Hounds ? There's a small notice up on the door saying "Closed for Refurbishment" but no sign of any work for several weeks. I wonder if it'll be a repain...
by Andrew
8 May 2007 08:58
Forum: Town Hall
Topic: Water supply problem?
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Jane, I had very low pressure this morning too (in Halifax Street). My boiler seemed to be working ok so I thought it must be a more general problem. Thanks for letting us know.
by Andrew
22 Nov 2006 14:41
Forum: Town Museum & Gallery
Topic: Halifax Street - has it changed much...?
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Lovely to see the old photos. We have only lived in Halifax Street for a couple of years, and it's great fun to try to piece together some of its history. Most of the houses are substantially the same, but most have been updated and "gentrified" a bit. The walls of the larger terraced hous...