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by PeterD
25 May 2017 07:06
Forum: Town Hall
Topic: Car Service/MOT
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Re: Car Service/MOT

Volkspares Newlands Park if you have a VW - Alan Hill's speciality
by PeterD
27 Apr 2016 06:44
Forum: Town Cafe
Topic: Anyone ever bought from LDSM cars at Bell Green?
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Re: Anyone ever bought from LDSM cars at Bell Green?

Bought a Peugeot 206 - bit pricey but car ok - guys are ok in my opinion.
by PeterD
9 Apr 2016 07:30
Forum: Town Hall
Topic: Plumber
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Re: Plumber

Carrie fitted a bathroom tap for me last week,lovely lady as Jezford says,completed within an hour.Highly recommended.
by PeterD
19 Feb 2016 15:16
Forum: Town Hall
Topic: Water Leak - Perry Rise - Road Closed
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Re: Water Leak - Perry Rise - Road Closed

Champion road used as the rat run now,so no thanks to making it permanent!
by PeterD
24 Sep 2015 07:19
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I hear number 1 Burghill Road is being demolished - it's front garden has been stripped and inside looks empty.

Any news on that one anyone?
by PeterD
30 Jan 2015 12:28
Forum: Town Cafe
Topic: Garage
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Re: Garage

Volkspares looked after my VW Golf mark 3 for years , MOT , servicing , head gasket problem.

No big bills and guys seemed helpful and honest.
by PeterD
3 Nov 2014 13:16
Forum: Town Hall
Topic: Dangerous Dog - Brutal Attack on Queensthorpe Road
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Re: Dangerous Dog - Brutal Attack on Queensthorpe Road

There is a mixed race guy,wears a dark puffer jacket, often seen around Burghill Road and walks his dangerous dog off lead (mostly) and has attacked my puppy in Champion Hall green a few weeks back .If you know him I've still got the vets bill for him.(Dog is OK now - but won't go for walks locally ...
by PeterD
16 Apr 2014 13:40
Forum: Town Cafe
Topic: Boilers R Us
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Re: Boilers R Us

I had Boilers R Us to fit my new boiler last summer.Price was very good , fitters were very reliable , work completed to building regulations and done quickly.No comebacks at all.
They do get twitchy if you ask for credit , but I stuck it on the credit card.
No problems recommending them at all.