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by The Lady
5 Feb 2021 19:12
Forum: Town Hall
Topic: Anybody clap last night?
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Re: Anybody clap last night?

I didn't clap as It feels too contrived now. I also agree that it would be far more fitting to name a hospital ward, or the likes, after Captain Tom. Instead of clapping for the NHS,I believe people should rather petition for better pay conditions, or at the very least just follow the restriction ru...
by The Lady
11 Jan 2021 20:27
Forum: Town Hall
Topic: how to get out of this mess
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Re: how to get out of this mess

JGD wrote: 11 Jan 2021 08:29 Here is the "hospitals are always full in winter" debunk.
Thank you for posting this, it is a scary comparison.
by The Lady
17 Dec 2020 22:01
Forum: Town Hall
Topic: The Run-in to Christmas 2020
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Re: The Run-in to Christmas 2020

Out of interest, how many deaths were recorded in Sydenham for the previous year?
by The Lady
5 Nov 2020 20:42
Forum: Town Hall
Topic: Any news on the proposed Harris Secondary school?
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Any news on the proposed Harris Secondary school?

Hello neighbours,
Has anyone heard any news about the proposed Harris Secondary that was earmarked for Sydenham?
It will apparently be called Harris Sydenham but it would be going ahead with Bromley council?
Thank you.
by The Lady
21 Aug 2020 19:52
Forum: Town Hall
Topic: Restaurants and Pubs - the New Norm
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Re: Restaurants and Pubs - the New Norm

I’m disappointed that the Dolphin is only serving pizza. If having pizza on the high street then I would always opt for Trattoria Raphael. I also think it’s strange that the Dolphin decided to do pizza when the Italian restaurant is directly opposite them. I know there’s healthy competition but I do...
by The Lady
16 Sep 2017 16:50
Forum: Town Hall
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Nigel. I don't think a lack of bums on seats for a film showing in the Sydenham centre is a good indication for an actual cinema. I personally don't find the prospect of sitting in there or the grove centre appealing. However I would go and watch a film in a cool little cinema as it's a different ex...
by The Lady
12 Jun 2017 20:24
Forum: Town Hall
Topic: sydenham needs an uplifting
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Re: sydenham needs an uplifting

I like the Mayow park cafe but I agree with KPR that it's expensive. I think that a park cafe should be inclusive for all as it should benefit the whole community. Lots of people couldn't afford family meals/snacks there.
by The Lady
16 Jan 2016 09:44
Forum: Town Cafe
Topic: Chinese takeaway
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Re: Chinese takeaway

I thoroughly recommend 'Chi Oriental' in crystal palace. It's tasty and not greasy like a lot of others that I've tried in the past.