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by Savvy
7 Jun 2019 12:56
Forum: Town Lost & Found
Topic: George Perry
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George Perry

A parcel addressed to you (Peckerman's Wood?) has come to our house in Sydenham by mistake. Please message me to collect it. Also if anyone knows this person please could you tell them to get in touch. Regards JM
by Savvy
15 Mar 2018 21:09
Forum: Town Hall
Topic: Lasers?
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Has anyone seen something that looks like a laser beam coming from CP towards Forest Hill? Our house guest asked if we knew what it was? Last two nights.
by Savvy
3 Mar 2018 14:35
Forum: Town Hall
Topic: Been to The Greyhound yet?
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Re: Been to The Greyhound yet?

The toilets are downstairs, probably the other side of the bar from where you were. They wouldn't have been able to open without working toilets !
by Savvy
13 Jun 2017 10:56
Forum: Town Cafe
Topic: Aw, the fellas are selling the villa :-(
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Aw, the fellas are selling the villa :-(

The gents who own the villa on Venner Rd have put it up for sale. We were very privileged to have a tour a couple of years ago. It is truly a gorgeous home. Wherever you're moving to chaps I wish you well and congratulate you on a superb refurb. I hope the next owners are as responsible and gifted a...
by Savvy
23 Feb 2017 13:37
Forum: Town Kids
Topic: Amazing family friendly days out 1.5 hrs from se26
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Re: Amazing family friendly days out 1.5 hrs from se26

Hornimans is getting a butterfly house.
by Savvy
25 Jan 2017 11:16
Forum: Town Hall
Topic: Carpets
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Re: Carpets

We have used EJ Carpets on Stanstead Road have 'floored' us for nearly 30 years. They are a long established family firm and they are very very professional and very good. We made a mistake once and called into Carpet Right for a quote... the young woman didn't know what she was talking about, was n...
by Savvy
25 Aug 2016 09:22
Forum: Town Cafe
Topic: Fitted Wardrobes
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Re: Fitted Wardrobes

We have used Spacemakers in Beckenham three times now. Surveyor service, proper drawings with at least an hours consultation and lots of choice of racking and shelving and doors. Guaranteed AND I believe there's a sale on right now.
by Savvy
24 Jun 2016 15:02
Forum: Town Cafe
Topic: Just in case you were waiting to hear if someone else
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Just in case you were waiting to hear if someone else

.... has offered to take our fridge down to Cancer Research, they haven't, though 69 people have read my message. Have none of you got transport and half an hour to spare?

Regards S.
by Savvy
23 Jun 2016 15:39
Forum: Town Cafe
Topic: Cancer Research need my fridge
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Cancer Research need my fridge

..... no one here wants it but they desperately need one. Their driver is on holiday for two weeks and we don't have a car. Would some kind soul come and collect it on Saturday (Jews Walk) and take it down there? Its a standard size, i.e. not a fridge freezer.
PM if you can help.
by Savvy
3 Jun 2016 18:51
Forum: Town Hall
Topic: Cat killer
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Re: Cat killer

Its making me paranoid, not about my own cat who is old and stays in our garden, but about saying hello to neighborhood cats in case people think I'm the killer.
by Savvy
25 May 2016 12:50
Forum: Town Hall
Topic: The Woodhouse
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Re: The Woodhouse

We go occasionally and always have a lovely time, we take family there when they visit with children and ALWAYS on Christmas morning - its become a tradition for us now. The atmosphere is fabulous that day with people (and their dogs) in santa hats.
by Savvy
31 Mar 2016 17:22
Forum: Town Cafe
Topic: Fallen tree - need removal ASAP!
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Re: Fallen tree - need removal ASAP!

Maria is very kind and helpful !!
by Savvy
23 Feb 2016 09:41
Forum: Town Cafe
Topic: Musician's Noticeboard? Jam Nights?
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Re: Musician's Noticeboard? Jam Nights?

Mr Savvy and I would deffinately come (and pay) for a night of folk music.
by Savvy
11 Jan 2016 11:40
Forum: Town Cafe
Topic: Short let Sydenham Summer Accomodation sought
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Re: Short let Sydenham Summer Accomodation sought

Hi Tom, I have sent you a PM. Regards S.
by Savvy
8 Dec 2015 11:31
Forum: Town Cafe
Topic: United Sound of Sydenham - Xmas Party - Fri 18 Dec
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Re: United Sound of Sydenham - Xmas Party - Fri 18 Dec

Hi, will people be allowed to dance?
by Savvy
4 Dec 2015 12:01
Forum: Town Hall
Topic: Jim Dowd - finally a rebel (with or without cause)
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Re: Jim Dowd - finally a rebel (with or without cause)

He voted FOR according to the BBC 'how did your MP vote?'
by Savvy
30 Nov 2015 18:19
Forum: Town Cafe
Topic: Pianos in Sydenham
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Re: Pianos in Sydenham

St Thomas hospital has a piano for anyone to use (follow the signs to Radiotherapy on the ground floor), I don't know what it is, but its big. Anyone can have a play, and anyone does; and they're not always that good so I'm sure staff and patients alike would be happy to hear someone who can play a ...
by Savvy
10 Nov 2015 12:39
Forum: Town Hall
Topic: The Lewisham Card Has Launched
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Re: The Lewisham Card Has Launched

If you can get the bookshop in Sydenham to join I'll buy all my Christmas presents from there. Have they been asked?
by Savvy
18 Oct 2015 16:10
Forum: Town Cafe
Topic: Water Supply Pipe replacement
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Re: Water Supply Pipe replacement

We had a leak under our garden and because of where it was we were responsible. Thames Water recommended someone to us. Can't remember who it was but I remember the first guy offered a deal 'for cash' which I promptly turned down and reported to Thames. They gave us details of someone else and they ...