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by angela53
10 Nov 2011 00:44
Forum: Town Cafe
Topic: Sydenham in the Standard tonight
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Re: Sydenham in the Standard tonight

Generally a very positive report on Sydenham, however the high street as usual lets it down and is desribed as "a shabby mix of high street chains, nail bars, burger bars and charity shops".
Will the promised high street refurbishments ever take place?
by angela53
2 Jun 2011 18:15
Forum: Town Hall
Topic: Garden gates stolen from Byne Road last night
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Re: Garden gates stolen from Byne Road last night

Yes, I have and had no response so far.
by angela53
1 Jun 2011 19:11
Forum: Town Hall
Topic: Garden gates stolen from Byne Road last night
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Garden gates stolen from Byne Road last night

I awoke this morning to find that the metal garden gate from the front of our house had been stolen overnight. I heard a noise at 1am. but thought it was someone getting out a taxi so did not bother to get up and check. I discovered later on today that a large number of gates had been stolen from ou...
by angela53
16 Nov 2010 20:38
Forum: Town Hall
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What a good idea Savvy, I now plan to do the same.
by angela53
6 Oct 2010 21:43
Forum: Town Cafe
Topic: How do you Sydenhammers enjoy yourself
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Re: How do you Sydenhammers enjoy yourself

"I have fond memory of being in some of the roughest pubs in london where you could snort coke off the bar and buy a Deasert Eagle if you wanted"

Hilarious - love it!
by angela53
6 Oct 2010 21:36
Forum: Town Hall
Topic: Blocking off Queensthorpe Road
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Re: Blocking off Queensthorpe Road

Would it not be better to get the police to enforce the laws to deal with the "drug taking and antisocial behaviour" ?
by angela53
11 Jun 2010 23:42
Forum: Town Hall
Topic: Planning application for Money Shop at 59 Sydenham Road
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planning application for money shop

This is the last thing Sydenham High Street needs right now!

Thanks for pointing this out , I have emailed my objection to Lewisham Council.
by angela53
1 Jun 2010 21:46
Forum: Town Hall
Topic: East London Line Launch on Sunday 23rd May.
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east london line launch

Had a fab day out on Sunday thanks to ELL. Brick Lane was buzzing, I had not visited for over 30 years, went on to Columbia Road and got some great bargains just as the flower market was closing. As the trains are so frequent the journey both ways was effortless By the way, the Evening Standard toni...
by angela53
13 Apr 2010 21:34
Forum: Town Hall
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what if

I would also like to add my appreciation of your excellent ideas leenewham they are quite uplifting and inspirational - keep up the good work
by angela53
18 Mar 2010 22:40
Forum: Town Hall
Topic: The Greyhound, Cobbs Corner
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the greyhound cobbs corner

That is brilliant news !
by angela53
25 Feb 2010 00:13
Forum: Town Cafe
Topic: El Ruedo Tapas Restaurant
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El Ruedo

I completely agree with you Leenewham. The shop signage says everything about an area. The Council should pull the owners up for such ugly eyesores. I get really angry every time I have to look at them.
by angela53
13 Jan 2010 23:17
Forum: Town Hall
Topic: The Dolphin
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The Dolphin

There is room for both types of pub. Sometimes I want Gastro at other times I want Traditional. After all variety is the spice of life !
by angela53
4 Dec 2009 20:52
Forum: Town Asylum
Topic: Lower Sydenham (removed)
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Lower Sydenham removed

As a fairly new member, I generally find the Forum very informative and enjoyable including the banter.

We should all try not to take life too seriously sometimes !
by angela53
26 Nov 2009 00:02
Forum: Town Museum & Gallery
Topic: Sydenham Road in old photos
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Sydenham road in old photos

Brilliant collection of photos!

I had forgoten about all those magnificant tiles in the Greyhound.

Sydenham sure was very grand!
by angela53
25 Nov 2009 22:42
Forum: Town Cafe
Topic: ADP Dental Practice
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ADP dental

This is very worrying ! I too was not that impressed at my last check up. If you have had unacceptable treatment then this needs to be raised with the Lewisham Primary Care Trust who will have a contract with them for NHS dental treatment. If it was your GP giving bad treatment/advice we would not h...
by angela53
19 Nov 2009 19:40
Forum: Town Hall
Topic: Consultation on change of name for the Naborhood Centre
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consultation on change of name for naborhood centre

Love the last 2 posts, very funny, made me laugh out loud!!
by angela53
17 Nov 2009 21:33
Forum: Town Hall
Topic: Sirens
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The police helicopters seem to be over us every night at the same time. When my husband phoned up to complain a couple of months ago,it stopped for a few days, we suspect this is a police helicopter training exercise.
by angela53
13 Nov 2009 14:06
Forum: Town Hall
Topic: The Greyhound, Cobbs Corner
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Greyhound Cobbs Corner

Somehow I don`t think London City Rich Boys will be rushing to buy a flat in Sydenham just yet!!
by angela53
2 Nov 2009 21:11
Forum: Town Hall
Topic: Serious threat to Sydenham Road improvements
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Sydenham Road Improvements

My husband has just informed me that when he was in the DIY, just over the bridge, today a man in a wooly hat about 50 years of age, was complaining bitterly about the Sydenham Society and our support for the improvements to Sydenham Road. "What about the poor pedestrians?" he was exclaiming. Don`t ...