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by JRobinson
7 Jan 2010 14:27
Forum: Town Hall
Topic: Are trains running?!
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at ten to 6 last night we were told that there was a train struggling to get power at FH, so we'd go to NCG, and then fast to Sydenham, and anyone wanting the other three stops should change at Sydenham and go back the other way. oddly enough there didn't appear to be a stuck train at FH, and yet my...
by JRobinson
5 Jan 2010 13:29
Forum: Town Hall
Topic: The Dolphin
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maybe if they lowered the price of beer in there by (at least) 20p a pint they'd get more customers. I was quite shocked by the prices when I was in there last!
by JRobinson
5 Jan 2010 13:26
Forum: Town Hall
Topic: Advice for annual travelcard/season ticket holders
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I'm moving to Sydenham soon (hopefully), but am currently short term in Forest Hill, and was shocked when at FH station on Sunday afternoon that they don't have the facility to purchase anything on oyster card from the ticket windows! so not thinking clearly about it I just purchased my Z1-3 travelc...
by JRobinson
5 Jan 2010 13:12
Forum: Town Cafe
Topic: Snow
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it must be a lot easier for people, generally, to 'work from home' nowadays too, so the roads, and public transport can be kept clearer for those who do actually have to get into work, to do work (nurses, doctors, etc) I remember there being more snow, but I grew up in Worcestershire, and when it sn...