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by whittler
22 Aug 2014 07:47
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Topic: Morrisons
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Re: Morrisons

Five pages of discussion about that very subject right here....
by whittler
24 Jun 2014 21:07
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Topic: Fig & Pistachio??
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Re: Fig & Pistachio??

Nice place. Nicely decorated. Lovely bread, pastries etc and the madeleines i bought today for a pound each were divine. I wish them all the best!
by whittler
29 May 2014 08:08
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As you've found what you need this is probably irrelevant now but you could always try Cowling & Wilcox in future....they have a branch in Camberwell, so not too far away (see below, from their website): "The Largest Art Shop South of the River!!" 8-12 Orpheus Street Camberwell London SE5 8RR United...
by whittler
26 Feb 2014 09:50
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Topic: Zanzibar Alternative Uses
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Re: Zanzibar Alternative Uses

JMLF, yes, you are correct about Louise House, and the organisation running it is called V22 - here's a link to what events they have run in the past at their other spaces Very exciting that they are coming to the area, and i understand that they do in...
by whittler
28 Nov 2013 23:16
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Topic: Online petition to save the Windmill
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Re: Online petition to save the Windmill

Mary, i think this explains your point ... es2008.jpg
The Windmill is indeed covered by FOREST HILL WARD (LBL political boundary) councillors.
by whittler
15 May 2012 09:32
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Topic: Anyone want a compost bin in return for...?
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Re: Anyone want a compost bin in return for...?

Hello Kate,
I've PM'd you re the compost bin!