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by Parkrunner
7 Mar 2015 20:47
Forum: Town Kids
Topic: Day care nurseries in Sydenham - HELP!
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Re: Day care nurseries in Sydenham - HELP!

There's one on Jews Walk that my friend's daughter went to that she was happy with. Townsend Montessori and Rub-a-Dubs, both in Forest Hill, are also good.
by Parkrunner
7 Mar 2015 20:44
Forum: Town Kids
Topic: Primary school advice
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Re: Primary school advice

You can find out the furthest distance of the last child accepted to each school last year on the Lewisham council website - obviously changes each year depending on volume of applications, but it gives you an idea, as you look at houses, which schools you'd be likely to get into from there. To be h...
by Parkrunner
22 Jul 2014 09:46
Forum: Town Kids
Topic: Nursery / childminder search
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Re: Nursery / childminder search

Ours go to Townsend Montessori in Forest Hill and we're very happy with it. Not the closest but it has lovely outside space and a great pre-school room. It's only a 5-minute walk from Forest Hill station so an easy enough onward commute once you've dropped them off. Think the waiting list is quite l...
by Parkrunner
2 Jul 2014 19:18
Forum: Town Kids
Topic: Kelvin Grove reception 2014 - picnic 12th July
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Kelvin Grove reception 2014 - picnic 12th July

Some friends and friends of friends all with children starting reception at Kelvin Grove in September are getting together for a picnic in Mayow Park on Saturday 12th July, 12.30pm, so the children can get to know each other a bit before school starts. We'll be meeting the Mayow Road side of the cri...
by Parkrunner
27 Jun 2014 22:06
Forum: Town Hall
Topic: Fig & Pistachio??
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Re: Fig & Pistachio??

Checked it out today. Looks great, the coffee's great and the cakes are delicious - I had a chocolate and raspberry tart; parents both had the chocolate & honey cake. Great addition to Sydenham. Just wish it was a bit closer to my end of the 'hood!