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by poppy
25 Sep 2007 17:55
Forum: Town Hall
Topic: *NEWS* Greyhound/Conservation Area
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The Railway looks like it could be a nice cosy pub if it was given a makeover.
by poppy
23 Sep 2007 19:00
Forum: Town Hall
Topic: Dolphin review in Timeout
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I have eaten in there a few times and from a pretty poor beginning I think the food has been consistently good ever since. Agree about sides though, and have not had bread so cannot comment on this. I don't think it's that fancy either, compared to the Dartmouth it is quite basic, homely food in my ...
by poppy
23 Sep 2007 18:49
Forum: Town Hall
Topic: Woodman Pub, Kirkdale
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Woodman pub

Are other parts of Kirkdale in a conservation area then (further up past the recent conservation status given to bits of Sydenham road area)? I was wondering this recently as there are some lovely buildings along there.
by poppy
21 Sep 2007 18:36
Forum: Town Hall
Topic: New bar for Sydenham?
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new bar

Is this near Cobbs Corner or Darmouth Road?
by poppy
21 Sep 2007 14:24
Forum: Town Hall
Topic: Incident in Sydenham Road 21st Sept 2007
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I've been told it was not at the crossing but the person was crossing the road opposite Lloyds bank.
by poppy
18 Sep 2007 14:46
Forum: Town Hall
Topic: A Sydenham malaise?
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Sydenham malaise

That is weird I smelt gas outside the Greyhound today! I wonder what is causing it?
by poppy
17 Sep 2007 21:20
Forum: Town Asylum
Topic: response order
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response order

Hi historyman

I could not email you directly so decided to do this instead. When I view threads the oldest posting comes up first and I can't work out if it's a problem with the way it is set up my end or yours?
by poppy
16 Sep 2007 19:03
Forum: Town Cafe
Topic: Good Indian in Sydenham!
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Good Indian in Sydenham

Gurkha's definately! Particularly their Nepalese dishes.
by poppy
16 Sep 2007 19:00
Forum: Town Cafe
Topic: Fairlawn Park Road
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Fairlawn park

We moved to Sydenham last year from Honor Oak and it is by far a nicer area. It is more family orientated and feels like a more stable community probably because most of the houses have not been converted into flats. It's greener and has more varied and impressive architecture. Most of Sydenham high...
by poppy
1 Sep 2007 20:30
Forum: Town Hall
Topic: The Greyhound to Close!
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Greyhound pub

Has anyone read the Milford Group posting on this forum? Go back a bit and you should find it. If The Greyhound is demolished I hope any new development is well set back from the high street, to at least where the pub building is now. I have seen developments on high streets which go right up to the...