What has Jim done

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Re: What has Jim done

Postby leenewham » 21 Apr 2017 09:08

My prediction is that a Cllr from Bellingham will stand.
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Re: What has Jim done

Postby sparticus » 21 Apr 2017 09:50

Well maybe it will be great to have a new MP. It seems every other part of Lewisham have seen some serious investment and improvements in the past 20 years while Sydenham has stood still at best. We cant even keep the main high street supermarket open. I wonder if it will be a massive charity shop ,chicken shop, bookies or estate agents.

So perhaps you could provide examples of the serious investment and mprovements in every part of Lewisham except Sydenham- which incidentally has had a refurbished swimming pool and library complex in Dartmouth Road and hugely expensive upgrade of pavements in the High Street, and the Overground extension. Perhaps you could also explain how our MP could have prevented the closure of the Coop, an essentially commercial decision, even though I'm pretty sure Jim Dowd would have made what representations he could as a member of the Coop party.

I'm not a great fan of our sitting MP, he can be rude and dismissive of what he considers liberal time-wasters, and I speak from personal experience. He's not a good public performer, but he has been a solid constituency MP and he does a great deal of the unsung spade work that falls to a conscientious member of parliament. We could have done a lot worse.

What I, as a member of the Labour Party find outrageous is that the local party will have no role in the selection of the new candidate but will have one imposed by the NEC and regional board. I know time is short, but this is an affront to democracy and the fundamental right of local parties to select their candidate. Shame.
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Re: What has Jim done

Postby syd » 22 Apr 2017 11:08

I'll keep it simple. The rubbish. It seems there are not enough road sweepers, these little things make a huge difference. Its a labour safe seat so they only seem to care about the areas that could become Tory or Lib dem like Deptford, Blackheath, Greenwich, Brockley, Forest Hill and onor Oak
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Re: What has Jim done

Postby sparticus » 22 Apr 2017 14:42

Yes, the of course streets are noticeably cleaner in Depford and Honor Oak, and especially in Forest Hill, represented in parliament by, er......Jim Dowd.

I'll try and keep it simple too. I asked for examples of investment in other parts of the borough thst you claim have been favoured over Sydenham for political reasons- you haven't provided any. The best you can come up with is a moan about street sweeping. And just so you are aware, Greenwich is in the London Borough of Greenwich and has nothing to do with Lewisham.
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