New pocket park bench

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New pocket park bench

Postby leenewham » 12 Oct 2017 09:54

Any thoughts on this new bench with it's attached advertising in the Talktalk/Sky/charity pocket square next to the Natwest?

I think it looks…extremely odd!

We worked on a scheme in North London alongside Steer Davis Gleeve in which they put the benches facing one another with planting behind so you can sit and have a chat with someone opposite you instead of facing out towards the traffic. It's worked, and there has been no anti-social behaviour. We think it looks great.

Sydenham feels a bit of a hodge-podge with lots of money spent and little consideration about the spaces and materials used.

Is the Sydenham market now dead? Will it resurface in the future? How are the pocket squares to be used?
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Re: New pocket park bench

Postby JayB » 12 Oct 2017 16:05

I'm afraid my own thoughts are not good and this type of innovation exactly what gets me so hot under the collar about Sydenham. Presumably this is not sponsored but is paid for with our council tax? If so who thought Sydenham residents would want to sit in a row like the three wise monkeys gawking at the most polluted, noisy and traffic ridden road in the area? Presumably it is of no consequence that in the process we at best give ourselves conjunctivitis and at worse emphesyma?
And yet that "pocket square" does such a good job of turning that part of the thorpes into a nice quiet cul- de -sac, we could be forgiven for thinkiing that was its main purpose...... I can think of so many other ways in which the money could have been better spent on that part of the "high street" or, as I call it Sydenham Road-for that is its name. (i'm not sure whether there is an official high street or why it is deemed to run out at Mayow Road.)
This is not to do with knocking Sydenham but everything ot do with wanting a better Sydenham that at least attempts ot reflect the concerns of as wide a group of residents as possible. A decent bus shelter- with a sculpture perhaps would have been a lot more welcome in my view !
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Re: New pocket park bench

Postby KPR » 13 Oct 2017 16:40

Agree the location is crap, except as a seat for the TalkTalk people/chuggers. But it does look like Ford paid for it, going by the signage.
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