Blocked Zebra Crossings

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Blocked Zebra Crossings

Post by Andwar »

As we are in the mood to moan at the congested traffic through Sydenham I would also like to have a go at drivers who seem to have got their license by collecting tokens from cereal packets.

During the evening rush hour no one seems to recognise the zebra crossings at Kirkdale and Westwood Hill as most drivers in their rush to move 5 meters stop on the actual crossing. This makes it difficult for pedestrains to cross especially if you have a pram \ pushchair \ wheelchair etc.

Last week I had to weave inbetween two cars which stopped in the Westwood Hill crossing only to be nearly hit by a motorbike overtaking them close to the central reservation. The motorcyclist obviously could not see me because the cars blocked the usual view.

Not only is it illegal, it is totally avoidable. So if you are one of those drivers please take note.

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Re: Blocked Zebra Crossings

Post by Rachael »

I always stop at that crossing, and wait behind it if it's not clear to go beyond it. The result is usually someone coming up the other lane and cutting in front of me. And blocking the crossing.

Sometimes I do get caught out on a zebra crossing, when the traffic looks like it's moving then suddenly stops or, as before, someone cuts in to the space I was heading for to clear the crossing. I really try to avoid that happening, but just so you know, it's not always deliberate. Fairly sure my licence came from the DVLA, not Kellogs.

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