great PC service!

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Pat Trembath
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great PC service!

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My 4 year-old laptop (Windows 7) died very suddenly on me on Wednesday morning and over the past couple of days I have had to rely my recently purchased tablet (Windows 8.1), a pretty sharp learning curve!

I took the laptop into Tech-House, 96 Sydenham Rd (after a recommendation from a friend) at lunchtime on Wednesday. Everything on my hard drive has been saved (mea culpa, not as well backed up as I always intend it should be). I have now collected it, within 48 hours, cleaned, with additional memory added and my Office CD re-installed.

Customer service was great, not sure how much it should cost - (£95). BUT from my point of view it was not exorbitant, and the PC repair business is on my doorstep. I have a smile on my face as I have now re-set my Wi-fi as well as the printer, personalised my desktop whilst realising how awful the original Windows factory own desktop was!!!!. Everything seems to be working well.

Use it or lose it is the expression - we have some great independent businesses on our high street - let's not lose them

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Re: great PC service!

Post by Blushingsnail »

Thanks for the recommendation Pat. By coincidence I received an e-mail today asking if anyone could recommend a local laptop repairer, so I gave them your commendation and Tech House's details.

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Re: great PC service!

Post by mosy »

I recommended Tech House (the fascia says "Arbico") on here a while back after asking for help and accessories for a new computer and was pleased that they obviously knew what they were talking about. They do a full range of services, on and offsite.

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