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Tim Lund
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Care2Stay Homeshare

Post by Tim Lund »

Just heard about this organisation, thanks to a young professional in her 20s, who is a Homesharer, but working full time in London, in the public sector, but not being from London, not able to live in the parental home.

Sorry - this is meant to be about what seems a really good idea, not more about my views on the housing crisis :)
Care2stay was founded by Marc Francis in 2008.

He was a Homesharer for 5 years and uses his personal experience to ensure that matches are successful and lasting.

During his time as a Homesharer, he stayed with, among others, a lady of 96 years of age, an 86 year-old artist (who's pictured on the left) and the late George Melly - a match which saw him escort the Jazz star to Buckingham Palace for an event.

The benefits of Homesharing are manifold ...
and can be read about here

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Re: Care2Stay Homeshare

Post by Annie. »

I thought what a great idea ( shame about ken) providing there is screening of both parties,an elderly neighbour of mine in Sydenham used to do a similar thing and enjoyed the company.

People often share their homes with overseas students, so why not do this as well, I would if I were in the position to do so.

A good idea Tim.

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