NSC Crystal Palace Park Consultation

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NSC Crystal Palace Park Consultation

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Just been posted: insidecroydon http://insidecroydon.com/2014/11/05/bro ... sultation/

Stephen Carr, the leader of Tory-run Bromley Council, has condemned London Mayor Boris Johnson’s on-going consultation over the future of Crystal Palace National Sports Centre as “…variations of one option, and this option does not immediately appear to be the ambitious and interesting scheme expected”.

Bromley council leader Carr states, “The sports facilities are important to the local community and every effort should be made to retain them.”

Carr went on to criticise the way the consultation had been handled, because it had failed to consult widely enough: “It is important that all sports clubs, both national and local, are directly contacted to ascertain true demand, and provide them with the opportunity to express their interest in the site and consider how they can contribute to the viability of the sporting offer.”

He also had serious questions about the GLA’s plan to site a free school in the middle of a public park, and has put forward an alternative for a secondary academy instead. “The introduction of an academic institution to the park may be a positive addition to the area and provide financial sustainability,” Carr wrote, “however the council strongly favours options other than the Primary School option being further explored.

“This is an unique opportunity to develop and enhance the sporting facilities at the park by setting up a new South London flagship sports Academy, reinvigorating Crystal Palace as a place of sporting and education excellence. This approach would protect the sporting heritage of the park and ensure the local community continued to have access to a range of high quality sporting facilities.

“It is important that this opportunity is rigorously pursued and properly considered through actively approaching both the Education Funding Agency (EFA) and potential service providers. The positioning of any new academic facility needs careful consideration, and sites on the periphery of the park should also be considered due to wider implications such as traffic control and parking.”

But Carr reserved his most withering criticism for the NSC consultation and the manner it has been handled.
“Initially the GLA indicated they would be producing ambitious and varied options for the future of the NSC for public consultation. However, the options which have been presented would seem to be variations of one option, and this option does not immediately appear to be the ambitious and interesting scheme expected.”

Carr’s criticisms include:
“The detail provided in the consultation document does not allow Planning to take a view on whether planning permission could be granted”
“It is unclear how the footprint of the proposals fits with the Masterplan, which has outline planning permission already in place”
“It is unclear what the impact of these works would be on the listed building”
“Whether the consultation carried out will be considered adequate”
And whether “there is sufficient re-provision as stated in the consultation document for any lost sports facilities”

Carr has called for the NSC consultation to be extended until February 2015, so that it could be open until the exclusivity agreement with ZhongRong for the top site expires, and for both schemes – which in total take up almost half of the area of the Grade II-listed public park – to be considered in tandem. The GLA had already been forced to extend the original NSC consultation period until November 16.

There is a petition to request an extension and better consultation here: https://www.change.org/p/the-greater-lo ... tal-palace

The Consultation was meant to have closed last month, but following the strong response to the GLA, it has been extended a little, until midnight of 16th November. Details of survey: http://www.london.gov.uk/media/mayor-pr ... rm-crystal

Is everyone aware of what the changes are and what they may mean locally and for uses of the park and the NSC?


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