Pavement studs on Sydenham Road

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Pavement studs on Sydenham Road

Post by chrisj1948 »

I noticed this morning that flush mounted metal studs were being inserted into the pavement between Mayow Road and Newlands Park (that was as far as I was going). I asked a guy from Rineys what they were for. He said it was to mark the property line; within them was private property, outside was the public pavement.


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Re: Pavement studs on Sydenham Road

Post by MissBee »

Yes, I saw these too outside Co-op and around the corner into Girton Road. What is the point of denoting these separate property lines unless tables and chairs are planned to be put outside each shop?
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Re: Pavement studs on Sydenham Road

Post by leenewham »

It's to show the missed opportunity of what might be and to rip off the sole of your shoe so therefore keeping cobblers in business.

They are normally to show the private spaces that the businesses are responsible for so they can put their wares on the pavement. They used them in Nunhead when they did the street there (which is a good example of high street regeneration).
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