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Virgin Media

Post by simono »

Are others having a problem with Virgin Media. I am using my 4G phone tethered to my lap top most of the time to get any effective internet speed. This has been happening on and off for weeks. I assume they have simply overused the capacity of the network. We virtually never use the landline, the internet is useless and I can't get Sky Atlantic! I wonder if it is time for a change?

Robin Orton
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Re: Virgin Media

Post by Robin Orton »

No current problem here in upper Sydenham. Have you rung Virgin (151 on your landline) to ask them whether they are aware of a local problem? Their customer services are a lot better than they used to be.

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Re: Virgin Media

Post by Rachael »

I agree with Robin. Virgin have really sorted out their customer service. We recently had an issue with the landline that was just us - a problem with the line coming in - and they got an engineer out to fix it within a few days. Ditto when one of our new boxes turned out to be faulty. Replaced within 48 hours. If you're having issues with your internet speed, give them a call. It's not normal. There are four of us constantly using broadband in our house, gaming and streaming included, with no speed issues.

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Re: Virgin Media

Post by mosy »

My VM broadband was down for a day-ish a week or so ago, said to be a serious problem in Sydenham that they were working to rectify. It was a bit intermittent one day this week, but OK since. I have no complaints about speed etc usually.

I'm not up on mobiles so dunno if helpful: My new 4g only ever has two bars (Three provider being cheapest). VM only do 3g so far, I was told, and their call rates are very high so I 'm keeping VM sim for backup. No problem getting it to pick up my home wifi (VM) internet when I'm at home. I don't have VM TV so can't say.

Hopefully the recent outage blips were just temporary and the service continues to stay up now.
I live near Syd Station incidentally.

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Re: Virgin Media

Post by robbieduncan »

No issues with BT Infinity. Sold 60Mbps down and about 18Mbps (ping of 15 or 16ms). EE 4G measured last night as 27 down, 8 up and a ping of 35ms.

For normal web browsing anything above 2Mbps is probably not going to make a difference but lower ping times will be noticable.

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Re: Virgin Media

Post by Manwithaview1 »

No problems with VM here in Upper Sydenham at all for ages.

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