Sydenham's best kept secret

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Park Court
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Sydenham's best kept secret

Post by Park Court »

Park Court, Sydenham, modernist building designed in 1936 by Frederick Gibberd (Liverpool Cathedral, London Central Mosque, Heathrow Airport, etc.) has launched its new website:

The residential estate has long been neglected, but is now enjoying a renaissance.

The website also talks about the Sudenham's history and neighbourhood.
Big Ben
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Post by Big Ben »

Congratulations to Richard et al on a splendid website - and thanks for the info about your beautiful estate. One minor point - does the estate have any policy about preserving its Crittal windows? The inappropriate plastic replacements do not have the elegance of the 30s originals - and it is possible to match the originals (some houses in Longton Avenue have recently installed beautiful new Crittal windows).
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Post by leaf »

Crittal windows are a b*gger to live with though!
Steve Grindlay
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Post by Steve Grindlay »

leaf wrote:Crittal windows are a b*gger to live with though!
Why? We still have most of our original Crittal windows (installed in 1929), and they give us no problems at all. We recently spent a lot of money to replace some rotting wooden windows, installed in the 1970s by a previous owner, with replacement Crittal windows and they too work just as they should, and they also look good.
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Post by Juwlz »

The original steel crittal windows on Park Court are stunning. I agree the uPVC replacements on some of the flats(thankfully very few) stick out like a sore thumb from the originals. Plastic is a very weak material compared with steel which is why the edges of the windows are so chunky compared with the lovely slim original ones.

You guys at park court should have a great chance to protect the rest of them before they all get replaced.
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Post by Illuminance »

Double glazed and Part L Compliant :)
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Re: Sydenham's best kept secret

Post by stuart »

The OP's original website appears to have disappeared. But here's a couple that provide some useful info:
(Picture comes from the latter)
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