Greyhound Guerilla Gardening

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Greyhound Guerilla Gardening

Post by simono »

My wife and I have become heartily sick of watching the lovely trees planted outside the Greyhound begin to die of neglect and the soil round them become full of weeds and litter. So we have done a bit of guerilla gardening and have cleared all the weeds and given the trees some much needed water. We will now keep this up because I assume that this is private land and the responsibility of the owner (Purelake) or the Council does not have the will or resources. Interesting that the trees have been very poorly planted as if planting them was meant to appease the Council but they were meant to die.

I would love to go behind the fencing to give it a sweep but I think that might be asking for trouble.

Anyway there are lots of other areas which could be looked after, the roundabout at the bottom of Kirkdale is a prime example, which as members of the community we could take on. Anyone keen? I am sure there was mention of this before but not sure if anything came of it.

Finally thanks to the man from Sainsbury's Local for giving us water to stop us having to walk home to fill the watering cans

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Re: Greyhound Guerilla Gardening

Post by gerispringer »

Well done. The roundabout could be so much nicer. Perhaps we could plant a load of bulbs there?

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Re: Greyhound Guerilla Gardening

Post by harrym »

Amazing work - well done! I was thinking I wanted to do the same last time I walked by but am poorly at the mo so not able to do anything physical. Definitely up for helping out when I'm back on my feet again. Huge thank you for your efforts x

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Re: Greyhound Guerilla Gardening

Post by mosy »

For the roundabout, a garden centre could advise about evergreens like hebe, or euphorbia (which is really easy to propagate once established), and about hardy perennial bedding plants for summer, like dwarf nasturtiums that attract bees, and winter ones, e.g. polyanths. There are dozens to choose from. I'm not sure personally about bulbs as they don't flower for long and look tatty while the leaves are dying back, but would work in an eclectic mix if maintenance is likely to be hit and miss.

I keep thinking that the Station Approach corner plot is a missed opportunity for summer bedding plants as well. Maybe the kindly shoe repairer there, who looks after that plot voluntarily I gather, could be given a small monthly budget or maybe have a donations pot in his shop (pennies do add up to £s). It might get complicated though if receiving donations meant a charity had to be set up but maybe Syd Soc or the facelift fund one could umbrella that if the money went on plants/shrubs with unpaid volunteers doing the work. Maybe simono could be an ambassador? <-- sorry to land that one on you simono ;)

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Re: Greyhound Guerilla Gardening

Post by Pat Trembath »

Have a look at the retaining wall between Sydenham Road and the drop-down into Station Approach. In-growing buddleia roots were revealed when the overgrown weeds were cleared prior to the takeover by Emine. I understand that the roots have been treated with glysophate so hopefully this particular problem will go away.

However the brickwork is now so bad that remedial work is required - this will cost money, of course. It is also necessary to establish whether the ownership of the wall is Lewisham's or National Rail's. This is currently being discussed but in the meantime Emine continues to tidy the bed.

However looking at the bridge from Platform 2 there would appear to be further buddleia intrusion which will also need to be dealt with.

Thanks to simono and wife for the guerilla gardening - they beat a group of us planning to do similar work this week!

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Greyhound Guerilla Gardening

Post by biscuitman1978 »

Pat Trembath wrote:Thanks to simono and wife for the guerilla gardening - they beat a group of us planning to do similar work this week!
Indeed! Many thanks, simono and wife.

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Re: Greyhound Guerilla Gardening

Post by Nigel »

Simono and your good lady wife , top work and much appreciated . If you plan a session on the roundabout suggest you post something to encourage joiners in - I would be happy to have a go .
A very good evening

Wells Park News
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Re: Greyhound Guerilla Gardening

Post by Wells Park News »

I watered the 4 trees on Monday and yes they looked as if they were watered> lets between us keep up the good work.
Glendale do the planting on the round about twice a year at the roundabout... they are the contractors that maintain Wells Park and Mayow Park.

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Re: Greyhound Guerilla Gardening

Post by owlwise »

I'd be up for joining a guerilla gardening group and assist with the roundabout. The more well maintained it is the more it gives a positive impression of the area. Isn't there any Portas Pilot funding left to assist with this?

Pat, re:the gap left in the brickwork in the wall after buddliea removal. By the time Network Rail and Lewisham Council decide who owns it maybe some kindly handyperson might consider using up their leftover repointing cement to fill the holes?

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Re: Greyhound Guerilla Gardening

Post by Pat Trembath »

It's a London Overground wall! Lewisham have alerted LO but who knows when any work will be completed.

Buddleia roots growing on the railway bridge, easily seen from platform 2, and on the other side of the bridge, visible from the gap next to The Orb will be also be causing problems - probably alongside half the railway bridges in London.

I'm all in favour of some guerilla gardening, even some guerilla brickwork.

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