Two people killed in Lennard Road

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Re: Two people killed in Lennard Road

Post by stuart »

parker wrote:Probably community service or out on good behaviour in two years knowing the blinkerdness of things today.
Sorry Parker but I find it pretty sick to be flippant about these tragedies when some of those affected may see what you wrote. If you are really interested in what the guy will get if convicted of Death by Dangerous Driving (the charge in question) it is;

Nature of offence Starting point Sentencing range:

Level 1
The most serious offences encompassing
driving that involved a deliberate decision to
ignore (or a flagrant disregard for) the rules
of the road and an apparent disregard for
the great danger being caused to others
7 –14 years custody

Level 2
Driving that created a substantial risk of
4 –7 years custody

Level 3
Driving that created a significant risk of
[Where the driving is markedly less culpable
than for this level, reference should be
made to the starting point and range for
the most serious level of causing death by
careless driving]
2 –5 years custody

So no community service or anything like it and not a lot less than double murder where you would have to prove intent.
I have simplified it and if you want the full detail with what the levels, aggravating and mitigating circumstances mean then go here: ... deline.pdf


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Re: Two people killed in Lennard Road

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I note that in the past few days notices from the Independent Police Complaints Commission have gone up along the route of the car chase, asking for witnesses or anyone who has any footage/photographic evidence to come forward.

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