Ellie Reeves MP breaks promise

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Re: Ellie Reeves MP breaks promise

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mikej wrote:Sadly, on last night's vote she went along with her leader's hard Brexit, refusing to do what she said she'd do in her election material. Why didn't she support the approach of Chuka Ummuna and 50 odd colleagues?
Clearly she can't be trusted.
Very sadly we may have found out the reason that Ellie Reeves decided that remaining in the EU was perhaps not such an important issue to her after all.
She was appointed to the Justice Select Committee yesterday, an appointment that I daresay she wouldn't have got anywhere near if she had hadn't helped defeat the motion to stay in the EU.

On the one hand I feel very let down that someone could so heavily campaign on an important issue, then immediately U-turn for their own political gain.
On the other hand, someone (seemingly) that cynical and unprincipled is headed right for the very top, and while the strong Remain feeling in P&LW was hardly going to sway the country very much, now we know how she works, it could be she will be able to throw us a few bones to tackle local issues in the future, if the right pressure is applied.
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Re: Ellie Reeves MP breaks promise

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Its little wonder the idea of a "political class" has taken hold in the UK and Europe . I make no distinction between whether on the left or right - this self-serving behaviour is taking the pee quite openly . It would behove more of us to recognise that left wing politicians are at least as susceptible to this crappy careerism as Tories - at the end of the day , I don't care if people cave in for a seat on a board , a wad of cash or in this case a step up the career ladder ,its all corruption and the journey from vibrant democracy to 3rd world failed state is not that many steps.

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Re: Ellie Reeves MP breaks promise

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Lest we forget the PM was all for Remain.
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Re: Ellie Reeves MP breaks promise

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And so were most educated people. I have used the word most before I get blasted.
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Re: Ellie Reeves MP breaks promise

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rod taylor wrote:As a university-educated person who spoiled his ballot I leave it for others to asses my intelligence.
Intelligence, university education and wisdom are only loosely correlated. I give you BloJo ... I'd rather have wisdom wherever I can find it.

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