Fig and Pistachio closing

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Re: Fig and Pistachio closing

Post by alywin »

Ghlpc wrote:I would think by beginning the work before planning approval demonstrates someone who is confident it will go through and has past experience of dealing with authorities..
Like with The Greyhound, you mean?

More likely someone who just doesn't give a monkey's, I'd have thought.

Pat Trembath
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Re: Fig and Pistachio closing

Post by Pat Trembath »

The state of Kirkdale on one side of the street, as we see it today, is down to some pretty poor planning decisions over a number of years. Let's hope there is strong enforcement on this occasion otherwise it will be a green light to other rogue 'developers' in this area..

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Re: Fig and Pistachio closing

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I'm so sorry for this, I hope they start very strong in the new place and start working with a lot of customers.

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