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Empty shops

Post by SydenhamOwl »

I know it's been said before in various threads but the prevalence of empty shops seems to be growing. There's now at least four or five between the station and the mother of all empty shop-fronts Budgens.

Two estate agents have closed without sign of any replacement, the shop next to Kente has closed (think it was a beauty salon), Ladbrookes is empty, and there's an empty shop (allegedly becoming a beer shop) next to the new development which may have its own vacant unit on the ground floor. There's also those two places next to Tratt Raff.

Not really suggesting anything new iother than just bemoaning what is becoming a bit of a ghost High St at the moment.

Anyone know if anything interesting is lined up for any of them?

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Re: Empty shops

Post by mosy »

I'm loathe to try to pin down why specific shops remain empty.
-Maybe building landlords are happy that the capital worth is rising so aren't worried, e.g Silverdale sorting office.
-Maybe rent/rates
-Maybe reburbishment and upgrading costs
-Maybe planning permission hassle

I'm not convinced it's due to "Sydenham".

I'll reserve judgement until I see how soon the soon-expected Zanara Court retail units are taken up, being brand new so presumably structurally sound and new "shells" to mould.

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Re: Empty shops

Post by Ghlpc »

it's not just Sydenham, ive noticed a lot of high streets locally have a similar problem.

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Re: Empty shops

Post by syenhamboy »

Things happening to the old betting shop this morning on the corner of Newlands Park

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Re: Empty shops

Post by leenewham »

The empty shops are a good thing in the long run.

It's a bit like pruning, it allows for new growth. The empty units are an opportunity for new businesses to come in which could breath new life into the high street. Change is good. Stagnation isn't.

In nearly every instance where an area as genuinely changed for the better (not gentrification, but just 'being nicer') it's when there have been a number of empty shops that have allowed new businesses to come into the area.

The issue isn't empty shops, it's what fills them and how to attract the right sort of businesses to make a high street that people want to go to.

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Re: Empty shops

Post by cme »

Saw a really cool looking shop/outlet just open up in Kirkdale, near Behind the Boxes, Mabel's Five and Dime and the Journey Café. It was quite late when I passed so didn't catch the name but looked to be some kind of launch party going on! Seems to have popped up in the space of a week!

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