Car damage Lawrie Park Road

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Car damage Lawrie Park Road

Post by Parker1970 »

I parked my car on Lawrie Park Road at 1745 on Saturday (Outside number 15) and found it at 0745 this morning with scrapes all along the driver side, wing mirror completely hewn off with bits of it going up the street and hub cap scraped and broken. It's clearly been done by either something large or at hgh speed to damage the wing mirror in such a way.

Anyone know anything please let me know.

This is all that's left of the mirror, it's been pushed back so hard that it has dented the far side behind the mirror
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Re: Car damage Lawrie Park Road

Post by rustya »

My car was damaged 3 times down this road.
The to$$ers never left a note or anything.
I empathise with you
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Re: Car damage Lawrie Park Road

Post by Pally »

Could it have been knocked by a bus? I have observbed near misses when walking down Lawrie Park