Lewisham planning website query

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Lewisham planning website query

Post by MagmaTimes »

Hi all

Quick question - does anyone know what it's likely to mean if a long-standing planning application has been removed from the Lewisham planning website? The one I was keeping an eye on expired statutorily in September and was still up there without any further agreed expiry date until this morning and now it's gone altogether.

The planning department helpline are (perhaps predictably) not helpful.

Any ideas?
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Re: Lewisham planning website query

Post by JRW »

Interesting things are happening on the database at the moment, and it is hard to know what is going on. Applications are supposed to stay up in the public record, so it was dodgy that they took down the Hillcrest applications when, they cancelled it, and is no doubt why they put it back up now the journalists have moved on. If you private message me, I might be able to help? Or try the SydSoc.
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Re: Lewisham planning website query

Post by JGD »

An application can be withdrawn by the applicant at anytime prior to a decision being made and when this happens the reference number and other searches will not produce a result.

If the planning application had a decision recorded, it should not have been removed but if no decision had been recorded it could have been withdrawn.

The withdrawal of an undecided application does not prevent the applicant from re-submitting it at any time.

As well as the advice JRW has proffered you could also email the Planning Officer if you know who that is or the Director of Planning if not, requesting any information they have about the withdrawal. They may not have any details as to why an applicant might withdraw their application.
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