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Re: zigghy coffea shop

Post by prince »

mosy wrote:
14 Jan 2019 16:20
sydenhamboy, in my view, it might be that things have to cost that much to cover overheads, especially rent & rates, but I can't see me queuing outside, or mums/dads with kids, at £3.55 per head for a basic cup of tea/coffee and slice of cake. Maybe the food, which you say you didn't try, offers better value.

I do wish zigghy luck, but I think they might need a lot of it.

Perhaps someone else has been who'd tell us more that might encourage locals to go? It does have the advantage of being a stone's throw from a free car park, e.g. for a snack after shopping at Lidl, so maybe they sell super duper sausage rolls or pasties or wraps or decent pie or quiche and chips?

(Sorry, can't go myself at the mo.)
Please see my earlier post. I visited Ziggys for lunch and the food was delicious, at a very reasonable price and the service very good.

If we are talking of high prices - please go to Brown & Greens. While I do love them, the price for a coffee and a cake is rather on the hefty side - but saying that they are always busy!

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Re: zigghy coffea shop

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I visited Zigghy's the day they opened. They served me a perfectly good cappuccino for £2.20 or similar. You'd pay £2.80+ for something of inferior quality in Costa/Nero. Also vastly better than the watery rubbish you get at the cafe on Cobbs Corner.

Yes, the place had a few teething issues - basic A4 printed menu with typos, but nothing that can't be sorted out quickly. Vastly rather have a decent coffee shop on the High Street than yet another fried chicken shop.

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