Travellers at Sainsbury

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Spark plug
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Travellers at Sainsbury

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Making a nuisance and mess,rubbish building up already.
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Re: Travellers at Sainsbury

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Spark plug wrote: 29 Mar 2019 11:36 ........rubbish building up already.
How very inconsiderate of them. Had they realised, they could have driven round the little access road at the base of the gas holders and found the two or three enclosures there that appear to be used as rubbish re-cycling centres by someone. The volume of rubbish present at any one time seems to ebb and flow.

My recall is that there is an annual gathering here which never seems to last more than a day or so. I don't know of course whether Sainsbury's take appropriate and effective empowerment action and have them moved on compulsorily.
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Re: Travellers at Sainsbury

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Not just piles of rubbish to worry about, but theft and assault too. Must have been very frightening for those who were there.
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