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Lewisham CEO

Post by angela53 » 3 Apr 2019 21:30

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Re: Lewisham CEO

Post by Ghlpc » 3 Apr 2019 23:22

185k salary.

My god.

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Re: Lewisham CEO

Post by EUSSR » 4 Apr 2019 11:02

Another useless idiot who who wouldnt be able to cut it in the private sector....

John H
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Re: Lewisham CEO

Post by John H » 6 Apr 2019 07:02

For the CEO to have any effect whatsoever Lewisham needs FIRST to remove the free bar provided for elected members.

Oh yes there is!

Officers of the Authority face instant dismissal for gross misconduct if even found with alcohol in their possession on the premises. Not the CEO it seems... A former CEO had to be propped up by two members of staff on numerous occasions!

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