Virgin broadband down in Lewisham

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Virgin broadband down in Lewisham

Post by sydenhamgardener2 »

Anyone else on Virgin Broadband? It seems to have been dead for me for a couple of days now.
I called support and they told me it is a planned upgrade and that it might be Thursday before it gets sorted out!
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Re: Virginia broadband down in Lewisham

Post by Parkrunner »

Ours seems to be working (touch wood...)
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Re: Virgin broadband down in Lewisham

Post by mosy »

I've danced with Virgin Media before today as there's no way in my view that businesses would put up with a "down" service for days, let alone weeks. I've found that my line from the nearby box is unreliable, so you should get them to send an engineer to test your connection irrespective of whatever else is going on.

Mine is OK at the moment, touch wood, although outtages, then nil wifi in other rooms was an issue earlier this year.

I tear my hair out periodically and swear I'll switch, then it works again and complacency takes over as it's good when it works :roll:
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