Government to pay £200m for safer cladding

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Government to pay £200m for safer cladding

Post by JGD »

BBC reports weasel words from a weaselly individual against a backdrop of obfuscation, delay and blame shedding.
Housing Secretary James Brokenshire had previously said the bill should be footed by the owners, not the taxpayer.
A firm commitment made by PM Theresa May at the time of the disaster that everything would be done to alleviate the suffering of immediate victims and survivors has also and separately proved hollow.
Mr Brokenshire admitted he had changed his mind on demanding freeholders pay up for safety work.

He said some building owners had tried to pass on the costs to residents by threatening them with bills running to thousands of pounds.
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Re: Government to pay £200m for safer cladding

Post by MarcelBat »

Makes me wonder who's in charge in this country when something as simple as that cannot be implemented without issues.

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Re: Government to pay £200m for safer cladding

Post by mosy »

Surely the blame and cost should eventually lie with those who sanctioned the use of cladding (if like Grenfell's) which in its manufacturer's instructions said should be used to no greater height than eight stories?

I'm truly happy that monetary help might now be on its way for owner/occupiers and residents, but have to note that the government's initial promise to pay for council properties then dissolved into an inaccessible reserve, putting the onus back on council funding which was shoddy.

Not sure whether councils ever received what was promised. Not sure either where the Grenfell investigation is up to - is it in the long grass? Probably, since so many other underfunded or non-existent oversight and safety services were brought under the spotlight.

Still £200m should sort it all out. Millions is peanuts. For some things, even billions is.

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Re: Government to pay £200m for safer cladding

Post by Parker1970 »

Personally, the freeholders should have been legally enforced to resolve it, it should not be the taxpayers that foot the bill, but that said, lives are more important than that I am glad the goverment have stepped in to resolve it quickly. I drive past Grenfell everyday on my way to work and it still gives me shivers.

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