Bingo and bikes in Sydenham

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El Cid
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Bingo and bikes in Sydenham

Post by El Cid »

There's a planning application to open a bingo hall at 291 Kirkdale, which I think is the building that backs on to Nando's. Bizarre! Is bingo making a comeback, then?

Also, during the last few days I've noticed quite a few Lime e bikes left around Sydenham. I'm wondering if the company has come with a van and left them in the street.
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Re: Bingo and bikes in Sydenham

Post by syd-gal »

I've been seeing the lime e-bikes all over the place, not just in Sydenham. Saw one in Forest Hill today, and in the last week or so several in Penge and quite a few near Bromley South station. I wonder if they have been "acquired" and the gps system removed or deactivated.
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Re: Bingo and bikes in Sydenham

Post by JMLF »

It’s pretty much the polar opposite of what was rumoured to happen - a laser quest / escape room!

I’ve always maintained that as long as a place has plans for something new or different to what’s currently on offer (although a few of the same type of thing can be good for variety and competition) and will be used by the community then thumbs up from me. Can’t say I’d prefer it over the former rumour as selfishly I do like an escape room and think generally there are more things to do for middle aged to older people in Sydenham than teenagers but imagine there may be demand for it from that generation(?) and it’s better than an empty property. If it doesn’t work then In a year or so it’ll close and a new venture will take place!
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Re: Bingo and bikes in Sydenham

Post by Tadpole »

I think the bingo hall is for the old (snooker?) club that is accessed from Spring Hill.
It's about the right size for one too from memory, but that's going back to the 80's when it was a bar with live music.
Unless it got incorporated into the night club when it changed hands?
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