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Body Therapist
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New Body Therapy/Massage

Post by Body Therapist » 28 Nov 2019 17:08

Hi All.
I intended to send this months ago actually but it fell off my 'to-do' list.
I'm a Sydenham based physical therapist offering and delivering remedial therapy at the Sydenham Road Dragonfly Yoga studio's at 22a-24 Sydenham Road (opp our local indie' healthfood shop). I was here pretty much since their opening day in June. You'll see my two little display tables in the corner of the ground floor reception area and in front of the counter. I use the treatment room here upto 7 days p/week.
My craft is Thai or Thai yoga Massage, however I deliver integrated therapies, by which I mean a variety of techniches which loosen the body, soften tense muscle tissue, release fascia connective tissue, use 'cross-fibre friction', apply some gentle assited 'passive' stretches and help joints by using mobility range loosening.
Back issues, neck/shoulder stiffness, leg tightness, I soothing foot work..... fixing bodies basicaly.
As I was (unusually) trained in various aspects of Thai medicine, I also offer a really calming treatment focussed on Anxiety and Sleeplesness which involved extremely subtle activation on very specific points in various easy to access parts of the body. Additionally I also aid discomfort with my style of yoga therapy, being a yoga practitioner myself. AND...I can you by showing you a few yogic breathing techniques (it's all in the breath!).
Another thing I help my patients with is basic stretching and fluid movement exercises.
Naturally I am fully insured and qualified. I'm also full time! Nip in and discuss your aches and pains with me, chances are I can help you with something. If I'm not on site, I have a folder with my details and business cards. Must get some more done! Its been a long time since I last enjoyed interacting on ST Forum and its good to be back!

Ah,I forgot - I offer treatment vouchers valid for use up to three months from date of purchase. You can buy somebody a very special Christmas gift!! Bye for now and Good Health! (or) Nı s̄uk̄hp̣hāph thī̀ dī! (or) ในสุขภาพที่ดี!

Paul Davis[/b][/b] (MFHT)
Spiritual Thai - Traditional Thai Massage and Thai medicine
Remedial pain management and relaxing therapies for mind and body.

To book a treatment or enquire as to availability: 07501 978 509
Feel free to ask me anything about my practice:

Read about me here:
fb: Paul SpiritualThai

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