Christmas lights

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Christmas lights

Post by prince »

After years of very poor quality Christmas lights and a sad Christmas tree what a much better display we have this year.

The lights are really quite professional and the Christmas tree on Queensthorpe is really lovely.

So well done to all those who have helped to make such a massive difference. Credit where credits due and all that.
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Re: Christmas lights

Post by Rachael »

Couldn’t agree more. It’s amazing what a simple change can achieve. Congrats to everyone involved in achieving this. A small group of us tried to get some momentum behind getting new lights when the road was being refurbished but ran out of steam before we achieved anything.
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Re: Christmas lights

Post by dickp »

Ooh, I'm looking forward to seeing these when I visit Sydenham next week.
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Re: Christmas lights

Post by Pally »

The lights this year, including the tree, are great! 😊
Robin Orton
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Re: Christmas lights

Post by Robin Orton »

Went to the switch on of the lights on the Kirkdale tree this afternoon. Bigger crowd this year. Carols sung in a very avant-garde way. The singers split effortlessly into two choirs, and 'Jingle Bells' and 'Silent Night' were sung bi-tonally, each choir singing a tone apart from the other. Needs a lot of musical skill to bring off! :D
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