Speeding around the thorpes

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Speeding around the thorpes

Post by Spc »

Is anyone else feeling fearful of an accident waiting to happen with so many “racing drivers” around the thorpes. When I confronted one I got a whole load of abuse :(

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Re: Speeding around the thorpes

Post by JGD »

Perhaps the issue is not restricted to the thorpes.

Any of us living on the main road from Cobbs Corner all the way to Catford Hill will be familiar with the late night high-speed deep-throated roar of several cars and motorbykes.

The signature back-fire of un-expended fuel is deeply intrusive and hugely disturbing and these sounds makes the culprits almost uniquely recognisable.

The speed at which these turbo-charged wonders travel is extreme.

And the repeated "runs" made into the early hours of the morning must make intolerable times for those with young children.

It could be anticipated that one of these "runs" will result in a serious accident at some time.

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Re: Speeding around the thorpes

Post by KPR »

Get this all the time late at night with the speeders using my street as a cut through. On the plus side, the ugly gang of sods on quad bikes and scooters who used to go up and down the high street running lights seems to have vanished - perhaps some of them are serving time (hope so anyway).

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